Attire & Etiquette

Attire and Etiquette



The Chef's costume is steeped in history and tradition which members honor by dressing appropriately for each regular event and by wearing their Les Marmitons jackets and hats.  The Les Marmiton hat, or toque as it is known, also has significance as it has a long history within the founding chapter (Montreal) as well as identifying various positions in the local chapter as well as in Les Marmitons International.  Members are also required to bring at minimum chef and paring knives to each cooking event and most members do end up collecting a wide range of kit for the kitchen.

At the Annual Meeting and other special events, members are required to wear the club jacket, toque, and medallion as well as a white shirt, tie, and dress pants.

The French word “comportement”, referring to one's manner or bearing, has special meaning at Les Marmitons.  Members share a common desire to cultivate and enjoy the gastronomic and social aspects of the club - and excessive consumption as well as the conducting of commercial business is not considered appropriate at club events.


What the toque colors represent