Event Overview

Event Description and Flow


In most chapters, the guidelines indicate members are required to reserve their attendance, and the attendance of any guest, a week or two in advance of any regular scheduled monthly event.  (A few guests per event are welcome and encouraged - to share the how the club and an evening progresses and to create an interest for new members).  Once reservations have been made for the event, the member is responsible to pay the event fee for himself and his guest whether or not the member or guest attends, unless the reservations are cancelled not less than seven days prior to the event.

Event fees are set each year by each chapter for both members and guests and are significantly less than the cost of a similar meal in a fine restaurant.

A typical regular event of Les Marmitons begins around six in the evening as members gather to enjoy a pre-dinner glass of wine, meet the guest Chef and hear the Chef explain the gourmet menu created for the evening.  Teams are then formed, a captain of each assigned and each team assumes the responsibility to prepare the dish, plate and to serve it to the members and the guest Chef.

During preparation, the Chef moves throughout the kitchen providing guidance to each team.  Team members for one course also have ample opportunity to learn the technique and special preparation tips for the other courses.

Except for some final, finishing touches, the major preparation is completed by 9:30 and accompanied by a wine that has been specially selected to enhance each course, members sit to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

During the meal, the preparation and presentation of each course is explained by the team captain and the Chef provides additional comment and constructive critique.  Over a relaxing coffee at the end of the meal, the guest Chef provides a final summation and members show their appreciation to the Chef for his or her creativity, professionalism and freely given time. A quick cleanup brings the evening to a close between 10 and 11 PM.