Event Guidelines

Guidelines for a successful event

as suggested by JP Jobin


-  All members should arrive by 6:00 PM The sipping wine should be served between 6:00 and 6:20 PM
-  Instructions to Les Marmitons members and the dividing of work teams should be conducted by 6:15 PM. Many chapters pre-assign members to their teams the day before the event. Make sure to not always assign the same members to the same teams and the same course every month.
-  Chapters should have spare paper hats and aprons for guests.
-  The ideal timing would have the cooking start at 6:30 PM, service by 8:30 PM (at the latest 9:00 PM), and the event terminated by 10:30 or 11:00 PM at the latest. This allows the guest chef and members to return home at a reasonable time.
-  Each member should consider having his own toolbox to which he can add his favorite cooking gadgets, year by year.

Safety and Hygiene 

-  Each chapter should have a First Aid Kit on the premises to be able to treat minor cuts immediately.
-  Before laying down a cutting board, a wet napkin should be placed under the cutting board to make the board more stable.
-  Members should always have 2 rags or potholders for moving hot pots. These should not be wet because water is a conductor of heat.
-  Proper attention should always be given to laying knives in a secure manner.
-  If water or food is dropped on the floor, it should be cleaned immediately so as not to cause a hazard.

General Suggestions

-  Keeping your work area clean as you go is representative of good kitchen etiquette, makes the event more pleasant for all and means clean up at the end of the evening is quicker.  Sending pots to be cleaned as you are done with them will help the dishwashers stay ahead of any rush.
-  Preheating dishes will ensure that the meal is nice and hot.
-  The use of service trays expedites service and removal of dishes.
-  The Chairman will ensure that members are attentive when the Chef gives instructions or comments. Members are not there as Chefs and therefore should not argue with Chef’s instructions.
-  When asked to comment on the preparation of their part of the menu, members should keep explanations short and concise.  Members should not comment on their views of how successful their food preparation was – that is the Chef’s responsibility.
-  When introducing a guest, the member should keep it short, say a one-liner, so as not over-extend the evening’s timetable.
-  All Les Marmitons must ensure that the location is left clean and tidy.

In Conclusion

Friendship, laughter and culinary art conducted in a disciplined environment make for a perfect and rewarding event.

I wish you many new friends and good and exciting meals.

Happy cooking and a wonderful Les Marmitons year!

Jean-Pierre Jobin
International President