About Les Marmitons

Les Marmitons is a gastronomic and social club of gentlemen who share a common interest in fine food, wine and the culinary arts.  Through regular gatherings in professional kitchens members gain knowledge and experience in the planning, preparation, presentation, and dining of various fine cuisines under the direction of a professional chef. 


Marmitons History

The tradition of a group of gentlemen inviting culinary professionals to lead them in preparing elaborate meals began in Europe many years ago, and was introduced to North America forty years ago by Swiss businessmen. The word "marmiton" is French and means a kitchen boy, or chef's helper.

The first North American Chapter of Les Marmitons was established in Montreal in 1977.  Since then, the interest in learning more about fine cuisine has led to the founding of chapters in 18 Canadian and US locations. With the growing interest in food and wine our membership continues to expand and benefit from our traditions of promoting friendship and gastronomy.

A history by one of the founders, Mr. Rene Suter, was recited at the 2007 International event and was captured.  Read the story as told by Rene here





Friendship and Gastronomy 

Chapter members are always welcome to attend regular meetings of any other Chapter, as well as attend annual Les Marmitons International gatherings hosted in one of our chapter cities.