New Chapters

New Chapters

Historically chapters have been established organically as membership has stretched out over North America and carried with them the Les Marmitons experience.  However, we welcome the enthusiasm and desire to develop a chapter of Les Marmitons in new regions regardless of the presence of previous members.  The intention of our organization is to create an organized environment that promotes friendship through the enjoyment of learning about cooking and food experiences.

Wanting to be a member of Les Marmitons is as much about the history and traditions as it is about cooking, so it is very important to the organization that new chapters want to develop and carry that same spirit forward in their regions. 

For information on creating a new chapter and/or the opportunity to attend a local meeting, please contact:

Ross Macfarlane, President LMI  -  Email 

-or -

Vaughan Gunter-Smith, Treasurer & Sr. VP Membership LMI -  Email