Traditions – Jean-Pierre Jobin Medal of Merit

The Jean-Pierre Jobin Medal of Merit


Awarded by Les Marmitons International to a member who has shown exceptional dedication and leadership in promoting the notion of good governance, friendship and gastronomy at the international level.  The dedication demonstrated to the advancement of the Les Marmitons' spirit becomes an example to all members in all chapters! 

This is the highest honor any Les Marmiton can be awarded.

Year Winner Chapter Link to Bio
Leonardo Ruscitto
Sandy Springs, GA
2020/21 Dr. Terry Koltek Winnipeg, MB Link
2019/20 Scott Kingsland Quebec City, QC Link
2018/19 Jean-Michel Dessureault Montreal, QC Link
2017/18 Jim Sullivan
Sandy Springs, GA Link
2016/17 Ross Macfarlane Niagara, ON Link
2015/16 Terry Carr Calgary, AB Link
2014/15 Rod Toms Toronto, AB Link
2013/14 (Shared) Sonny Olasker Calgary, AB Link
2013/14 (Shared) Paul Crevoiserat Atlanta, GA Link
2012/13 (Shared) Robert Maher Montreal, QC Link
2012/13 (Shared) Ian Sneddon Ottawa, ON Link
2011/12 Ron Seiberling Atlanta, GA Link
2010/11 (Shared) Tom Devitt (Posthumous) Toronto, ON Link
2010/11 (Shared) Gerald Ross Longueuil, QC Link
2009/10 Jean Howlett New Jersey, NJ Link
2008/09 Jean-Pierre Jobin Canton, GA Link
2007/08 Marc Lavoie Ottawa, ON Link
2006/07 N/A
2005/06 Peter Zulauf Toronto, ON Link